At Real Estate Without Borders we deliver complete investment support and advice, for South Africans entering the US property market.

Let us fast track your wealth creation safely through overseas investment.

We are a full-service property company that helps you, the investor, add the strength of global real estate to your portfolios.

A unique end-to-end approach is at the heart of what we offer, delivered by an experienced team of international real estate and investment professionals. We specialise in buying properties for the best possible price, renovating them, and selling them at a profit. Real Estate Without Borders is incorporated in South Africa and has affiliate companies in various states in the USA including, Florida, Texas and Louisiana. Our end goal is for partners to be able to capitalise on global property opportunities just as easily as they would any other recognised investment asset.

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Property investment has a well-deserved reputation for combining stability with excellent yields and returns.

The stability of property and the weakening of the Rand, makes it the perfect asset class around which to build a strong and stable investment portfolio.

Excellent Returns

The purpose of investment is to create wealth. By investing in properties in the USA and globally through our program, we enable you to attain a return of 15% on your capital amount invested. Having experienced these profits and the value we place on personal relationships with our partners, many investors return to further expand their property portfolios in collaboration with Real Estate Without Borders

Rand Hedge

Top economists agree that the Rand will continue to weaken, so it makes sense to have a share of your portfolio offshore. Investing in a Dollar based portfolio is a sensible hedge against the weakening Rand and provides you with a far stronger currency with which to maximise your investment capital. It also enables you to achieve returns that would require a much higher level of personal funding in other investment classes in South Africa.


Our reputation, built on trust and ethics, is a vital part of our company ethos.

You have access to all the information you want, as you keep track of your investment. Our open book relationship with you establishes the trust you need, to know that your money is in safe hands.

A Few Main Features of our service

  • Our people know the markets

  • Longstanding relationshps with developers

  • Knowledge of trending opportunites

  • Offer our clients exclusive deals

  • Reduction in risk through diversification

  • Offer a turnkey service

  • Structure the transaction

  • Manage all legal processes

  • If we don’t perform we don’t earn

  • Guaranteed a 15% p.a. return

  • We secure your investment

  • Dedicated to building lasting partnerships

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Modus Operandi

Our process which will succesfully create your substanial, high-yield property portfolio

Our 5 STEP process to successfully creating your substantial, high-yield property portfolio:

• The identification of potentially lucrative global opportunities

• Determining the right location to achieve maximum value

• Identifying specific properties and assessing their ‘flipping’ viability

• Finding the optimal match for your requirements

• An in-depth analysis and management of the legal aspects, and tax and other ramifications of your planned transactions

• Design and project management of the entire renovation process

• Management of all aspects of the sales transaction and scientific management of your portfolio

Why we chose Florida, Lee County

We identify the most liquid and profitable markets worldwide. Currently, the number one market is the Cape Coral / Fort Myers area in Lee County, Florida.  Lee County was one of the most badly hit areas during the financial crisis which has created a wave of foreclosures (a process that can take years to be completed) from which we are benefitting right now. The abundance of opportunity is almost overwhelming. It is a very desirable area to live/buy in and the recovery creates that perfect equilibrium of houses being available for us to purchase and an impressive number of qualified buyers interested in the area. The price of renovated homes is way below the cost of building a new one; meaning that, the houses we sell are by nature, more.


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Lee County, Florida

Lee County, Florida

Lee County, Florida

Lee County, Florida

Lee County, Florida

Lee County, Florida

What our clients say about us

I have been impressed by Candice Schultz and her team.  They have unbelievable insight into the US market and travel there often. It has been a leap for me but I am excited about my decision to invest.  The rand can no longer support my financial goals!

“Highly recommended”

“On meeting you at the seminar I knew I was dealing with professionals and your credibility has been re-inforced during all our dealings. We cannot get these returns in SA and I  have decided to stop putting all my eggs in one basket – Lois Strijdom

This incredible amount of information that just makes me feel confident that I can go into this market and just make an absolute fortune! Using these strategies is definitely going to improve my portfolio out of site.
Charles Boswell, Cape Town
Thanks Candice and your team your I know your knowledge can convert into double maybe triple the returns than what I can get in the South African market.
Leigh Houghton, Johannesburg

Expand your horizons. Go beyond borders. Grow your income globally.

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